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Girls on the Run-Chicago

Girls on the Run-Chicago

SoleMates Spotlight: Meet Lucy Gund

SoleMate Lucy Gund

From competing as a figure skater to running her first marathon, Lucy Gund knows the power of setting and reaching big goals! She’s channeling her passion for physical activity as a SoleMate and a member of the GOTRC social media ambassador Team Run for Her, ensuring that Chicagoland girls get the chance to achieve their goals, too! 

Name/Nickname: Lucy Gund
City: Evanston, IL
Number of Marathons Run: This will be my first! 
How many years have you been a SoleMate: 1—2022 is my first year as a SoleMate!

Top-three favorite running songs: 

  • “Don’t Go Yet Remix,” Camila Cabello
  • “HeadBand,” feat. 2 Chainz, B.o.B, and Coucheron
  • “Glorious” (Macklemore feat. Skylar Gray)

Why do you support Girls on the Run-Chicago?

I think being active and getting exercise is so important for young girls to grow their confidence and create meaningful connections. I am so grateful for all the life skills I learned from sports. I love the work that GOTR does because all girls deserve to have that experience as a part of growing up!

A119C6E2-410F-4313-9126-CF4B4BD4127D - Lucy Gund

Why do you run?

Because I grew up as a competitive athlete—I was a figure skater—I thrive off of pushing myself to reach new fitness goals, and incorporating training into my daily routine. I also love using running as a time to clear my head and take a break amid the stress of school and work.

When did you start running?

In my senior year of high school, I ran cross country. I have done 4 half marathons, but this is my first 26.2!

8E4AD593-F3AB-400A-AAD2-C9235E9B685A - Lucy Gund

How do you stay motivated to run on tough days? 

If I am dreading a run, I tell myself “Just see how you feel after 10 minutes. If you are miserable you can stop.” I’ve never had to stop, because after running easy for 10 minutes, my mood is usually improved and I feel strong and ready to finish the workout! I also try to remember how great I always feel after I run.

Has running helped you get through or overcome tough times?

I started running more during the pandemic because I really struggled to focus and sit still in online classes. Running in the mornings helps me to start my day off right and focus for the rest of the day!

What would you tell your 10-year-old self about working toward a big goal? 

Don’t overthink it. Focus on finding joy and fun in the process! I used to stress myself out way too much about achieving specific end goals, which would get in the way of having fun while working to reach the goal. I have found that finding joy helps me maintain discipline and perform better!

Do you have any fundraising tips for your fellow teammates? 

Reach out individually to friends and family—personal touches really help.

What is your superpower? 

Making Spotify playlists for my friends!

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