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GOTRC Finish Line Council Feature: Katie Scullion

Katie Scullion

Finish Line Council member Katie Scullion is one of the founding members of Girls on the Run-Chicago! In 1999, she and Jenn Rogers, Kristine Anderson, Julie Moran, and Nancy Robinson launched our first programs. They were a small, but mighty, group made up of 6 coaches across 2 sites—Burley Elementary School and Menonomee Club—serving an impressive total of 83 girls that year! For the first five years, she worked to hone the business model, grow the program, acquire funding, and hire full-time staff for Girls on the Run-Chicago.  


Both her daughters participated in the program, and the team she coached in 2010 was profiled in the Emmy-award winning documentary, "Growing Up Strong!"

She has served on the Governing Board and continues to support GOTRC financially and as a volunteer in her role as a Finish Line Council member. We chatted with her about why she believes in Girls on the Run and her vision for our future.  

burley1999juliekatiejennWhy do you support GOTRC? 

Our culture sends so many mixed messages to girls, but I believe GOTR cuts through by offering the message that girls can take charge of who they are and the choices they make. And it's fun! I am especially proud that GOTRC has always made such a great effort to reach under-resourced communities. 

What is your favorite thing about Girls on the Run? 

Empowering hundreds of energetic volunteers to deliver evidence-based curriculum is how the world changes for the better.

What is your superpower? 

Being a hard worker is my superpower.

What advice would you give to your 10-year-old self? 

Spending time on friendship is important.

What have you learned about yourself while working with GOTRC? 

I hate asking for support and donations, but the world does love to support good ideas.

What do you hope to see GOTRC accomplish in the next five years? 

I would love to see more coaches, especially the educators who volunteer as coaches, compensated for the work they do. 

Join Katie in running 2 our future 4 the next generation of leaders by giving today! 


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