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Girls on the Run-Chicago

Girls on the Run-Chicago

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Celebrando el mes del la Herencia Hispana

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! The month (Sept. 15-Oct.15) recognizes the history, culture and achievements of Hispanic Americans and celebrates many notable dates for Hispanic Americans, including the independence anniversaries for El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, and Chile, as well as Indigenous Peoples’ Day on October 11. 

At Girls on the Run, we believe in the power of community. When we work with other organizations, we can better serve our girls and non-binary youth, of whom our largest population identifies as Hispanic/Latina. We call it the Girls on the Run Relay—where each of us contributes to guiding young people across the finish line. 

This month we’re passing the relay baton to Chicago-based organizations that work to lift up young Latinas. We’ll feature their amazing work and words, as well as resources for you and your kids to learn more. And, of course, we ask you to pass the baton by sharing their words with your community, too! #RelevodeGirlsontheRun


Gage Park Latinx Council | @gplxc

Hispanic Heritage Month GPLXC SP Hispanic Heritage Month GPLXC-1

First up in the #RelevodeGirlsontheRun is Gage Park Latinx Council. GPLXC is a Queer, DACA, Latinx-led grassroots organization that's making a profound impact in the Gage Park neighborhood on Chicago's Southwest side. 

They run two Cultural Centers in the heart of Gage Park, where they organize transformative programs, spaces, and initiatives. Grounded in the principles of social justice, mutual aid, and abolition, GPLXC uses art, popular education, and direct actions to create meaningful change.

Founded in March 2018 by three Gage Park residents—Samantha A. Martinez, Katia A. Martinez, and Antonio D. Santos—GPLXC was born from a deep understanding of the challenges their community faced. They saw disinvestment, structural inequities, and the need for green public spaces, youth art programs, food security, and health equity.

And they're breaking stereotypes! GPLXC challenges the mainstream media's negative portrayal of Gage Park, proving that this neighborhood is brimming with potential and deserving of investment. 





Erie Neighborhood House | @eriehouse

Hispanic Heritage Month Erie SP Hispanic Heritage Month Erie

Next up in #RelevodeGirlsontheRun is Erie Neighborhood House, a beacon of support for Latino and immigrant youth and families! 

They offer a wide array of programs, including after-school activities, tutoring, and college readiness initiatives. Erie Neighborhood House's Proyecto Cuídate program is all about nurturing our youth's potential, with mentorship, leadership development, unwavering support, and case management in the heart of Little Village. Their goal? To empower our youth, boost their confidence, and foster positive identities, all while inspiring resiliency within our communities. 


  • Become a community architect volunteer and help provide information about legal services, and practical support, facilitate workshops, assist in filling out forms, and advocate for justice-involved individuals. 
  • Join their READS program this fall and tutor 1-3rd graders on their reading skills. For more info: contact Jailine at jsantiago@eriehouse.org.




Yollocalli Arts Reach | @yollocalli

Hispanic Heritage Month yollocalli(2) Hispanic Heritage Month yollocalli

We're excited to shine a spotlight on Yollocalli Arts Reach, the youth initiative of the National Museum of Mexican Art.

Nestled in the heart of Chicago's Little Village neighborhood, Yollocalli Arts Reach is more than just a place—it's a haven for artistic exploration and cultural connection.

They offer free arts and culture programs catering to teens and young adults with the goal of empowering the next generation to express themselves through the magic of creativity. 

They’re on a mission to amplify our students' creative and cultural capital by engaging them with their own cultural narratives through the powerful medium of art. 





Centro Romero | @centroromero

Centro Romero is on a mission to make a difference in the lives of immigrant and refugee Latino youth and families in Chicago. 

Their Youth Learning and Leadership Program is all about providing after-school support, blending academics with recreational and cultural activities for kids. 

Centro Romero’s goal is to empower our youth with the skills and surround them with the support they need to chase their dreams and become the leaders who give back to their community. 

Over the last year, more than 18,000 migrants have come to Chicago from the Southern border, seeking refuge and a better future. Centro Romero is at the forefront advocating for them, demanding bold action from our elected leaders to protect our at-risk immigrant community.





Borderless Magazine | @borderless_mag

Borderless Magazine believes in the power of immigrant voices. Their goal is to reimagine immigration journalism for a more just and equitable future. As a member-supported newsroom, they work to dismantle harmful media coverage of immigrants and make sure that immigrants and people of color are better represented in newsrooms. 

Their nonprofit and multilingual news outlet: 

  • Reports and publishes stories in their online magazine 
  • Mentors emerging immigrant and BIPOC journalists in their Pathways program 
  • Equips journalists from other news outlets with the tools they need to report on immigration issues fairly and accurately through our Immigration Reporting Lab





Continue Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month may be over, but the celebration doesn't have to end! Let's keep honoring Hispanic and Latinx achievements and culture all year long. 

Here are a few more Chicago-based organizations we support and some ways to continue celebrating. 🤝🎶📚 





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